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Wooded Cabinets

Are you planning on giving your kitchen a makeover? Have you grown bored of the looking at the old interiors of your cooking room? Do your cabinets seem to be creaking when you open and close the different units? Do you want more storage space in the kitchen cabinets so you can tuck away several items and they do not come in your way when you are cooking? Are you keen on getting only new wooded cabinets because they are perceived to be durable, long-lasting and of good-quality? If you have answered Yes to the above questions, it may help to know that the 2 most popular solid woods that are used for manufacturing cabinets are oak and maple. Some kitchen designer stores that you can visit for browsing through their collection of quality cabinetry are contemporary kitchen designers on long island and custom kitchen Cabinets Nassau County.

When purchasing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the materials that the fixtures are comprised of remains a concern of the buyers. This is because some storage units are constituted of particleboard; these varieties are not favored by people because they do not last long, are not moisture resistant and rated low in quality.

Wooded cabinets are preferred by majority of people because they are known to be more robust as compared to other materials.

If you are looking to buy wooden-based cabinets, you have a wide choice. Apart from oak and maple in solid woods, you can avail varieties in walnut, birch, and rubber as well. However, we will be studying the features of the most popular choices in wooded cabinets – oak and maple – in the following details.


Oak cabinets are highly common and available in countless varieties.  They rate high in density and hardness. Also, the fact that they are rich in tannin’s works in their favor because it makes them insect-repellent. Oaks are popular amongst patrons who like to paint their cabinets as these woods absorb stains well. Also, the grains are displayed on the surface and impart a unique look to the fixtures.

Moreover, oak furniture can look both traditional and modern. If you prefer the traditional look, opt for the darkened staining treatments because the grains are more perceptible in these models. On the other hand, if you go for the lighter stained varieties, they give a modern look to your personal spaces.

Some of the reasons for choosing oaks for your home cabinets include their features such as affordability, versatility, and robustness.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is chosen for its light-colored and fine-grained features.  However, they are costlier than oak and also rate less in density as compared to them. You can avail maple cabinets in customized and semi-custom varieties. Mostly, cabinets that are made of maple woods are given a smooth finish for a contemporary look. Nevertheless, they stain easily as well and homeowners can paint these fittings too.

Popular for their distinctive wood grain and naturally attractive aspects, maple woods are available in whitish and yellowish hues.


Other aspects to consider when buying new kitchen cabinets are the financial constraints. It may help to draw a budget after which you can hunt for those fixtures that are within the given range.

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